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800G/400G OSFP & 400G QSFP-DD

TanLink Optics has a complete portfolio of 800G/400G OSFP & 400G 

QSFP-DD  optical transceivers varying from 8x50G to 4X100G architectures. They are compliant with the IEEE 802.3bs, QSFP-DD and OSFP MSA, which are used for the applications for 400G Ethernet, Data Centers and Cloud Computing Networks.


P/NProduct DescriptionData Rate (Gbit/s)ReachTXRXPower ConsumptionTemperature (deg C)Datasheet
TLP-OSFP-800G-DR8OSFP DR8800Gbps500M1310nm EMLPIN<16W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-OSFP-2X400G-FR4OSFP 2XFR4800Gbps2km1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm and 1331nm EMLPIN<18W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-QSFP-DD-SR8QSFP-DD SR8400Gbps100m850nm VCSELPIN<9W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-QSFP-DD-DR4QSFP-DD DR4400Gbps500m1310nm EMLPIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-QSFP-DD-XDR4QSFP-DD XDR4400Gbps2km1310nm EMLPIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-QSFP-DD-FR4QSFP-DD FR4400Gbps2km1310nm EMLPIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-QSFP-DD-LR4QSFP-DD LR4400Gbps10km1310nm EMLPIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-OSFP-SR8OSFP SR8400Gbps100m850nm VCSELPIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-OSFP-2FR4OSFP 2×FR4400Gbps2kmEML CWDM4PIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-OSFP-DR4OSFP DR4400Gbps500m1310nm EMLPIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-OSFP-XDR4OSFP XDR4400Gbps2km1310nm EMLPIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-OSFP-SFR4OSFP FR4400Gbps2kmEML CWDM4PIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-OSFP-LR4OSFP LR4400Gbps10kmEML CWDM4PIN<12W0°C to 70°CDownload