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Direct Attach Cable (DAC)

TanLink Optics has a complete portfolio of  DAC Cable varying from 10G to 800G architectures. They are compliant with the IEEE 802.3bs, QSFP-DD and OSFP MSA, which are used for the applications for 800G Ethernet, Data Centers and Cloud Computing Networks.


P/NProduct DescriptionData Rate (Gbit/s)ReachEEPROMPower SupplyTemperature (deg °C)Customized ColorRemarksDatasheet
TLP-QDD-800G-ADAC1M800G QSFP-DD Active DAC with Macom Linear Driver Chip800GbpsUp to 5MOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CBalck,Red,White,Blue,Yellow , Pink etc
SFP Shell, Pull Tab, Dust Cap and Lanes are availble to be customizedDownload
0°C to 70°C
OPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-QDD-400G-DAC1M400G QSFP-DD DAC Passive400GbpsUp to 3MOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-OSFP-DAC1M400G OSFP DAC Passive400GbpsUp to 2.5MOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload


400G QSFP-DD to
4X100G QSFP56
DAC Passive
400GbpsUp to 3mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°C
TLP-100G-DAC1M100G QSFP28 DAC Passive100GbpsUp to 7mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload

100GbpsUp to 3mOPEN
3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-100G4SFP-DAC1M100G QSFP28 to 4x 25G Breakout DAC100GbpsUp to 15mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-100G2SFP-DAC1M100G QSFP28 to 2x 25G Breakout DAC (Lanes 1&3)100GbpsUp to 15mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-100G2QSFP-DAC1M100G QSFP28 to 2x 56G Breakout DAC (Lanes 12&34)100GbpsUp to 15mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-56G-DAC1M56G Infiband QSFP+ DAC56GbpsUp to 15mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-40G-DAC1M40G QSFP+ DAC40GbpsUp to 15mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-40G2SFP-DAC1M40G QSFP+ to 4x 10G Breakout DAC40GbpsUp to 15mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-40G2SFP-DAC1M40G QSFP+ to 2x 10G Breakout DAC40GbpsUp to 15mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-25G-DAC1M25G SFP28 DAC25GbpsUp to 15mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-10G-DAC1M10G SFP+ DAC10GbpsUp to 15mOPEN3.3V0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-Mini-SAS-DAC1MMini-SAS DACSFF-8611/SFF-8612 (Oculink), SFF-8643/8644 (miniSAS HD), SFF-8087/8088 (miniSAS)0°C to 70°CDownload
TLP-Customized-DAC1MCustomized DACCustomized Direct Attach Cable